Equestrian Marketing Solutions

Tailored equestrian and rural marketing solutions delivered by the leading full service equestrian creative agency.

What could be better than working with an equine marketing agency that specialises in growing both small and large businesses and equine brands? As horses are our passion, we have a deep and profound understanding of the horse industry. It’s this passion that helps us to create forward thinking marketing campaigns that take your equine brand to the next level.

As the industry leader in equestrian marketing, we have a large, strong network and extensive equine marketing experience able to deliver results for your equine or rural business.

We are the only agency with the ability to work with both riders and brands across a multitude of industry sectors including equine fencing, equine nutrition, rider health, thoroughbred racing; our creative approach to professional and sophisticated digital media works to bring success from every equine angle.

Equestrian Marketing

Our Services

Equestrian Marketing Strategy, Consulting & Audit

The most valuable part of working with a full service marketing agency is the development of a Marketing Strategy. Show Pony Creative believes in the strategy process and utilises the information as a platform for developing a thorough integrated marketing communication plan. Within the strategy, we analyse your current position and determine innovative steps to improve it.

Social Media Marketing

Being able to influence the equestrian industry, or build an audience with your rural marketing comes down to your affinity with the audience. Horse industry social media requires innovation, sophistication and.. simplicity. Knowing how to define your message so it reaches the right person at the right time with best graphics is what we specialize in.

We are the industry leader in equine social media management, creating quality content, outstanding photography and graphic design to make sure your target online marketing presence is noticed.

Search Engine Marketing / Optimisation 

A website has little value unless your customers can find it. Even though Show Pony Creative’s websites are designed to rank organically very well, SEO can be very beneficial for new businesses and advertising in competitive markets. We have the experience to assist you with Optimising your existing website and assisting with paid Google Advertising.

Google Ads

Show Pony Creative is proudly the only equestrian agency that is a Google Partner. We have a dedicated google ad specialist that can help you get maximum results for your equestrian business. We have the equestrian knowledge and understanding that other agencies lack when it comes to Google Ads.

Email Marketing

Unlike other marketing tools, emails (EDM) speaks directly to your audience. A quality and engaged email list is the most valuable list your business can have. Our beautifully curated EDM’s include copywriting and  design that speaks directly to your equestrian audience.

Working with automated customer journeys our emails keep your customer’s engaged and assist with abandoned carts and sales generation.


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