Webmail is how you check your email on the internet, not using an email program installed on your computer. It means you can check your email from any internet browser.

Please note that users may not give away free email from their site using our webmail service. If you need this service, you should look towards other commercial email service.

Accessing webmail

  1. Please note you need to set up an email address in the control panel first.
  2. Go to www.yourdomain.com/webmail/ where “yourdomain” is your own Domain Name.
  3. A password box will come up. The username is your full email address, i.e email@yourdomain.com.
  4. Once logged in select an email program to view your emails.

You are given the choice of using one of three email programs. You can check your email using any, or even change which program you use each time. They will always access the same emails off the server.
Each program has its own help section located within the program.

Note: When using webmail and an email program downloaded to your computer, you’ll only be able to see new emails by using webmail, it will not bring up any stored emails. Webmail only shows emails that are stored on the server.

It’s a good idea to not keep too many emails on the server as it will use your total hosting allocated space, which is allocated to your website as well.

Video Tutorial