Medium – Advanced Users

Note. Any changes made to files of programs installed by Show Pony Graphics will void any warranty on the installation. Any errors / problems will be charged for.

Use the file manager to manage the files on your website. You can upload or delete files.

  1. Login to the hosting control panel.
  2. Under the ‘files’ heading click on File Manager.
  3. A window with ‘directory selection’ will appear. Leave the default selection ‘Web Root (public_html/www)’ You can also tick skip this question, to have the web root automatically load. Press the Go Button and a new window will open.
  4. If you already have a website loaded you’ll be able to view the files in your website, otherwise you will just see the default landing page.Note. Any files/ changes made are permanent and cannot be retrieved.
    Note. No support is offered on website creation and file uploading, contact Show Pony Graphics to have a website designed.