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With Australia Post once again increasing their shipping prices, it’s never a better time to check out the alternatives. We have done the hard work for you and found come competitive shipping options for online stores:

Sendle is its own shipping service with their own satchels. Their prices start at $6.95 for a 500gm Satchel. Find out more here.


Easyship compares couriers to give you the best price available on shipping, It’s especially handy for shipping overseas. It also easily plugs into Woocommerce. Find out more here.


If using Australia Post we recommend using satchels where possible. Using these means the shipping rates don’t change no matter where you send to in Australia. If you are posting a lot of packages Australia Post do give you discounts based on how much you are shipping via your online account.

Gift Vouchers

As of November 1st, all gift vouchers in Australia now must have a 3 year expiry. This law applies regardless of the date written on the card. The fundamentals of this new law also state that the expiry date must be clear, so we also recommend including a start date. To read more about these changes click here.


Offering your customers multiple ways to pay is still the best way to go. We recommend if possible using Afterpay or Zippay, which is available on all ecommerce websites we build. The best part about these services is they handle the transaction unlike traditional layby, you don’t have to chase your customers for money.
Stripe still seems to have better credit card payment rates then paypal, we recommend taking the time to compare all the fee’s when choosing a credit card checkout provider.


Marketing Automation

With digital marketing there are a number of ways to keep your customers coming back.

The first is with automated abandoned cart emails. This email is sent after a period of time, when a user will go partway through the checkout but then they don’t complete the purchase. They are then emailed a reminder about their cart.

Secondly are automated emails for customers who have already purchased. These emails can include, reminding them to review the product or emailing them to see how they are going with the product. The beauty of email automation is its all done automatically for you.

If you are interested in adding email automation to your existing ecommerce store, please contact us.

Online Chat

This can be simply done via a facebook widget connecting to your facebook messenger, or it can use a more complex chat system. The idea behind this though is to assist in closing a sale immediately if the customer has a question. We know that online shopping attracts the impulse buyers in us. Chat windows assist in offering a chance to answer a question quickly to close the sale.

Remarketing Ads

How many times do you visit an online store, look at a product, and then suddenly advertisements about this product or brand follow you across the internet? This is an advertising technique called remarketing. Remarketing involves tracking and displaying ads to users after they have left your website.

Remarketing is effective because it enables your brand to be visible and present across different parts of the web. A user who subconsciously sees these ads across the internet will assume that your company is popular and therefore successful. Furthermore, it focuses your advertising spend on people who are already interested in and familiar with your brand.

If you like the sound of remarketing ads and want help setting them up, please contact us.