Lisa is an experienced marketing specialist with marketing and advertising experience across different industries. Lisa holds a bachelor’s degree in economics from Italy, a Master’s Degree in Marketing from Monash University, and several marketing certifications.

But here’s the fun part – Lisa isn’t just a marketing whiz; she’s also a stable hand and trackwork rider in a racing stable. Lisa decided to bring her love for horses and animals into the marketing world, and that’s how she ended up with us at Show Pony Creative.

Picture this: Lisa, growing up in a tiny countryside village in Italy, hopping on a horse at the ripe age of 10. That connection stuck, and now, horses are not just a weekend hobby for her; they’re a part of her daily life!

When she’s not busy crafting killer marketing strategies, you’ll find Lisa outdoors, doing what she loves most – horse riding, hanging out with her four-legged friends, hiking, and soaking in nature’s wonders. It’s this down-to-earth vibe that makes her marketing strategies as genuine as they come.