It is important regardless of the size of your horse stud to present right and get your stud marketing out there to the best of your ability. This ranges from the presentation of your farm, to the presentation of yourself and how you market your stud.

Magazine and advertising in publications is still important even though internet promotion is becoming more and more predominate. Remember there are still studs and farms that still have trouble gaining access to the internet, so any stud or stallion promotional campaign should include a mix of online and publication advertising.

When developing your stud marketing you must keep to a theme, and this theme includes colour, presentation and a logo where applicable. This theme when used repeatedly creates a memorable image for your stud and will create your stud identity. Keep adverts clean and simple to show off your stock. Use current photos – especially if you have been standing your stallion at stud for numerous years –  don’t keep using the same advert. Do not use any photos of your stallion or ponies that does not show them to the best of their ability. There are now numerous quality horse photographers available in each state, which means the use of poor quality photos is no excuse!

The increasing popularity of the internet means no longer do you have a state or national wide audience but a worldwide presence. This means now more than ever how you present yourself on the internet could mean the difference between mediocre and success.

For a website whether it is professionally designed or DIY you cannot go wrong with a simple and clean website, and this rings true with any design industry from fashion to interior design – Simple and fresh means classy and professional.

Keep your website regularly updated, this will keep people coming back so even if you do not have any stock for sale when you do, you would have maintained the interest in your website.

Remember your website can be found worldwide, so the presentation of your ponies is even more critical. You should not publish on your website anything less than perfection. In all photos your ponies should be well presented. If the pony is dirty, standing incorrectly, scruffy, not in good condition – do not put the photo on your website!

We have only skimmed the surface of the issue of stud marketing and presentation however I have achieved my aim if you now look around you and think carefully about how others might perceive your stud.

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