Getting your SEO Marketing for your Online Equine Business right Get your SEO marketing right, from the very first click.

The product page is designed to turn a browser into a purchaser, so it’s important to show off your product with high quality photos from every angle and enough information so the potential buyer does not need to leave the page. In this article we look at what aspects of the product page can assist with finding your product on search engines.

Keep it unique

SEO Marketing success relies on unique and interesting content, so keep that in your mind when thinking of keywords for your product pages. They will also penalise you if your content is not unique or too similar to another website, which is often the case when using manufacturers product descriptions.

Also think when someone searches for a Weatherbeeta horse rug, and then 10 results for online stores come up, if 4 – 5 of the same manufacturers descriptions appear, you are more likely to click on the link with the different personalised description.

URL / Website Address Structure

The standard address that most ecommerce software produce is similar to this:  this web address tells you nothing about the product. You want the actual web address to include the keywords you want to use in the actual url. i.e

Product Tiles

Much like the web address, you want the keywords to appear at the start of the title, not at the end. You might think then it will be the same as other businesses, however follow this up with your business name or the brand name. i.e  Winter doona horse rug – Weatherbeeta – thehorseshop

Header Tags

Try to then include your keywords in the h1 tag commonly used for your header. These assist with your SEO ranking.

Engaging Product Descriptions

A lot of people do not place enough emphasis on a correctly written product description. With the amount of online stores out there, it is simply not enough to use no description, or even the manufacturers description. A correctly written description that targets your market will assist you to sell the product, and help you stand out amongst the other stores selling the same product. For SEO marketing success you should aim for 300 – 400 words.

Product Image Alt Tags

Make sure your product images have the alt tags filled out. What is an Alt tag? This tag is used by screen readers and browsers used by visually impaired people. The alt tag tells them what the image is, without viewing it. Google places a high value on alt descriptions to determine images and the topic of the page. R

Product Reviews

A lot of people base their decisions on buying a product on the opinions on others. Making product reviews available on your website like a good product description can help encourage people to buy the product. To get people to leave reviews offer specials and incentives if they fill out a product review on your website. The best thing about product reviews is its free and easy unique promotional content for your products.

Product Videos 

These are great in helping sell your product and also SEO, i.e if you are selling a horse rug, take a video showing the fit of the rug on the horse, showing all the features. When you upload the video to Youtube or Vimeo, make sure you use the same title and keywords that you use for the product page. Facebook is also now placing a large emphasis on video content, it seems people engage more with video than they do with other forms of advert types. This could be a good way to share a short product video as well.