If your business is on Instagram, you should consider adding Instagram Influencer marketing to your marketing strategy. Influencers are great at helping you increase your brand awareness, grow your followers and drive sales.

Why use influencer marketing?

An Instagram influencer has a following established within your equestrian businesses niche. They will have thousands of followers and with that comes the power to impact purchase decisions. Partnering with influencers can boost your sales and raise your brand awareness, as you are now connecting with all your influencers followers rather than just your own.

Instagram Influencer marketing also is so effective because it acts as an online word of mouth and social proof. Customers trust their peers, friends and people they admire more than companies selling products. They trust influencers they follow, and in turn, they trust their judgement. When an influencer gives their seal of approval on a product, their entire audience believes they can also trust this product or service.

Getting started with Equestrian Influencer Marketing

How to choose influencers?

Influencers can be anyone that your customers have an affiliation with. It could be a famous rider, a TV personality with a passion for horse riding or it could be an influential customer from your stores. However, there are two key types of influencers:

Micro-Influencer – Have a modest following of thousands of people within their niche. They usually benefit from high engagement rates.

Macro-Influencer – Have a large following and an established image. They are known across many industries. They also provide a powerful form of social proof.

How to find influencers?

Gone are the days when you had to trawl Instagram to find Influencers that reflect your businesses beliefs and values. Thanks to the popularity of Influencer marketing there is now an abundance of websites dedicated to helping you find the right influencer for your brand. Here are some of our favourites:

The Right Fit 

To find an influencer on The Right Fit you just post a job and set you set your brief and budget. You can also offer contra-deals. From there you will receive applicants for your ‘job’, just shortlist your applicants and choose which ones fit your brand best. If you are paying your influencers you can also do this through the platform. Insurance & contracts are all included, however they do charge a 15% fee.

Tribe Group

Tribe connects brands with creators so it’s never been easier to find and work with influencers. You can choose from a content campaign (creators generate branded content that you license for use on your own advertising channels) or an influencer campaign (creators submit photos and videos celebrating your brand).


Upfluence is an influencer marketing agency that helps you to launch new products, increase brand awareness and optimise your exposure and educate your audience. Their platform includes an influence search, profiles, outreach, tracking and campaign management.


How to pay influencers? 

In return for regular posts and photos they can be provided with free product and attendance at major equestrian events for example.

  1. Pay the influencer per post
  2. Pay the influencer when they publish a story
  3. Organise a pay per affiliate link
  4. Establish a contra-deal

Still stumped? We can help you! If you would like help with influencer marketing please contact us here.