With Facebook announcing that they will reverse the Facebook news ban, it got us thinking about how volatile social media can be! We know that it is common practice in equestrian businesses just to run your business through social media. However, if this has taught us anything it’s that the landscape of social media can change, and quickly. Remember that, unlike a website, you don’t own your Facebook page, which means that at any moment, Facebook can pull the plug on your entire operation.

We have rounded up some reasons why your Facebook page could get banned and the best resolutions.

  1. Promotions

One of the main reasons your Facebook page could get banned is by not performing your Facebook competitions according to their rules. Remember to absolve Facebook from any responsibility, tell your audience that the promotion is in no way sponsored endorsed, administered, or associated with Facebook.

To review the rules and for more on running social media, competitions read our blog here.

How safe is the facebook account for your horse business?
  1. Copyright

Facebook has the right to remove a post or even ban your page if you have copyrighted the material. Ask yourself, is this content mine? Did I take this photo? If not, give credit where credit is due.

  1. Spam

If enough users block your page, Facebook will notice and can then ban your page. But why would users block your page?

If you use ‘chatbots’ or spam your audience to increase engagement your user’s engagement will go down. Facebook want real engagement and your page cannot build a community if you only share automated posts. Likewise, if you bombard your audience with heavy selling and marketing links it will probably be seen as spam. So, try to limit your marketing pushes to under 20% of your overall posts.

  1. Offensive posts

It’s no surprise that when a page publishes anything offensive including promoting gambling, tobacco, firearms, drugs or nudity it will get flagged by Facebook.

You will rarely have your Facebook page banned. However, no one should rely solely on Facebook for their digital presence. Having a website is the only way to guarantee you will never lose your connection with your customers. However big or small your business, a website (that you own) is a great investment! If you would like us to help you set up a website contact us here.