Have you heard of machine learning? Well, this advancement in technology is changing the marketing game, and Facebook have just implemented it. Machine learning is now used to improve Facebook dynamic ads. Delivering a tailored ad experience to each user.

What is machine learning?

Machine learning is a branch of artificial intelligence. Fundamentally, it’s when a computer analyses data and identifies patterns. The computer can then make independent decisions based on the data it has learnt.

How does it affect Facebook ads?

Facebook Dynamic Ads use machine learning to deliver a personalised ad experience for its users. It predicts the right audience for your ad using a combination of their algorithm and insights you share. Therefore, your actions on and off Facebook will influence the ads you see.

How do I make a dynamic ad on Facebook?

  1. Install the Facebook pixel on your website.
  2. Create your product catalogue using your eCommerce store.
  3. Segment your products into sets. However, this is dependant on the number of products you sell.
  4. Decide which audience to use. Choose between an audience that has already accessed your website or a broad audience.
  5. Create your ad.

Benefits of dynamic Facebook ads

  • Ads are easy to make as the information populates from your product catalogue.
  • Ads are changed automatically for each user depending on where they are in the customer journey.
  • Dynamically show different ad formats, as a result of the user‘s preferred formats.
  • Retarget people that have already interacted with your website. In addition to reaching new audiences.
  • Reach customers that share the same interests and options as your brand.
  • Effectively target your ads.
  • Personalise the customer experience.
  • Machine learning is automatically integrated into your Facebook so you are ready to start making ultra-tailored Facebook ads.

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