As a horse business advertising on Facebook and Instagram allows you to be where your shoppers are spending a lot of their time. Facebook even states that ads on their platform can reach 15 million users in Australia and can reach 9.7 million users on Instagram. However, unless you adopt the right strategy (Facebook Ads Funnel) for your social media ads you could see your horse business pay thousands of dollars and not get the results you were expecting.

As an advertiser on social media, we have almost constant assess to our customers. 59% of people access social media every day over 5 times a day. Now considering 93% of internet users have a smartphone and spend 1H 44M on social media daily. You are in their pocket and can utilise that. By adopting a Facebook Ads Funnel strategy, you will set your ads up for success.

Take your Equestrian Advertising to the next level

What is an Equestrian Facebook Ads Funnel?

A Facebook ads funnel is a series of ad campaigns that take your audience along a journey from strangers to purchasers. The purpose of the funnel is to target the right audience at the right time in their purchasing journey. Although it can seem daunting spending some time developing a Facebook Ads Funnel, it will help boost your conversions and your return on investment for your horse business.

The Facebook ads funnel is made up of three stages:

  • Awareness
  • Consideration
  • Conversion


At this stage of the funnel we target your ‘cold audience’. These are people that have never seen your ads before and are only just being introduced to your equestrian brand. Most Facebook users are unlikely to convert to a sale or sign up after just one ad. This is because they either don’t trust you yet or haven’t build a connection to your brand.

While sales or sign ups might be your end goal, its important that at the awareness stage of your campaign you just try and attract your audience to your business.


  • At this stage you want to educate your audience about your product
  • Avoid the hard sell and be as non-threatening as possible
  • Comedy works great here
  • It’s too early to ask for any information or purchases

Set up:

  1. Audience – In this stage you are wanting to reach brand new people. You can either create your own audience or use a lookalike audience.
  2. Objective – Choose an objective that reflects your goal (Brand awareness, reach, traffic)
  3. Ad Types – Here you want to grab your audience’s attention. Video ads, carousel ads and collection ads are all great for this.


Now that your audience know of your existence and have warmed up to your brand you can turn them into leads. The consideration stage is a great time to collect your leads details. They might not be ready to purchase just yet but they are considering your offering.


  • Get your leads contact information to remarket to in the future
  • Use this as an opportunity to build trust
  • Still avoid very pushy sales tactics.

Set up:

  1. Audience – Create a custom audience targeting users that have previously interacted with your previous ads.
  2. Objective – Choose an objective that reflects your goal (Traffic, Engagement, Lead generation)
  3. Ad Types – Focus on the message you are sending, freebies and reviews are great at this stage. Use image ads or carousel ads to drive your message.


Finally, at the very bottom of the funnel encourages your audience to make their purchase. Here your main goal is to get your leads to convert by purchasing your product or service.

Set up:

  1. Audience – Your audience should be specifically focusing on your previous leads. Set up a custom audience of users that have previously visited your website.
  2. Objective – Here your objective should be all about the conversion (Conversions, catalogue sales, store traffic).
  3. Ad Types – Your ads here want to be purely product or service focused. Image ads and carousel work well. Highlight the value of the deal, you can even add a sense of urgency.

If you would like help setting up a Facebook Ads Funnel contact us here.