It’s often overlooked for equestrian stores just how important the content of your website actually is. Search Engines place high value on websites rich in unique relevant content, and lots of it. Previously we have already talked about writing good product descriptions which is an essential part of your online equestrian store.

So where else can you add content to assist with your website marketing / seo?

Equestrian Website Blog

An equestrian website blog is often overlooked when creating an eCommerce store, because your website is all about selling, however a blog can not only help you sell your products, but will greatly assist in your website’s ranking in search engines as they highly value content.

So what can you blog about if you have an online equestrian business? 

  • If your business sells general horse products, you can blog about horse care tips using your products. i.e  show ring preparation using our range of horse care products.
  • Make your sponsored riders “work for you” and supply content you can use, i.e reports from shows they have attended, and how to guides using your products. People love to see what product top riders use, and also how they prepare and train their horses, so capitalise on this information by sharing it on your website.
  • If you are selling medical products, see if you can get vets or health practitioners to write content on specific products they recommend.

A good equestrian blog will help qualify your business in the equestrian market. With so many websites out there, your unique content will help create confidence in your store and your brand. People want to buy off websites that are trusted and have a good reputation, and a blog can really help with this.

Need another reason to blog on your equestrian online store?

If you write a blog a month, that’s 12 extra seo leads for your main website. So make it your aim to write at least one blog a month. Not only will it help with SEO but it will help keep your website fresh and updated, and keep people coming back to see what new content you might have on your website.

Important: Only post your blog content on your website, and then share the link to it via email and social media to promote it. Remember you own the content on your website, not a third party application. Sharing links and not posting whole content, generates leads back to your website.