Instagram has grown significantly in the social media space. As a small equine business, you may feel pressure to keep up with competitors and have an Instagram account. However, although Instagram is a great tool to keep your customers updated, it might not be right for every business. 35.8% of the Australian population use Instagram which means that your reach to potential customers is huge. Nevertheless, if you cant dedicate the time to making your Instagram account a destination for your customers its best to stay clear!

Visually Appealing

Your Instagram account should be visually appealing. Think of your account as an online magazine for your equine business. Every single post should take consideration and if you wouldn’t publish that post in a magazine, don’t publish it on your Instagram page.

If you can, keep your colours and themes consist. The best Instagram examples tend to have an underlying theme or tone. As well as content that intrigues or inspires their followers beyond just product posts.

Does your horse business need instagram?

What to post?

You can’t just share pictures of your products your followers will quickly tune out. Vary your content and include the following where possible:

  • User-generated content
  • Behind the scenes, sneak peeks
  • DIY projects and creative solutions to problems (using your products)
  • Motivational images
  • Contests and giveaways
  • Influencer content

User-generated content

Re-posting other peoples posts about your equestrian brand is great because it feels more authentic than traditional posts. This resonates better with your customer. It adds credibility to your brand as it acts as social proof that your products or services are good. As well as showing visitors that others are raving about you!

User-generated content is also great because the images are created by someone else which can potentially save you time and money! Just remember to always ask if you can share their content on your profile and when you do tag them to show your appreciation

If you are stuck for content to post on your Instagram account look to at your tagged images. They are a goldmine of content!

Behind the scenes

Users and customers love to get a look inside your business. Include exclusive sneak peeks into your business including posts such as:

  • How your product is made.
  • An insight into your happy workers. (If employees post images about your business on Instagram, share them!)
  • Trade shows your at, including setting up.
  • Behind the scenes photoshoots
  • Future plans

Ensure that these posts feel real, authenticity is key here.