Australia is on the brink of a nationwide lockdown. Every day the government is making new updates, including closing all non-essential services. So, where does this leave your business?

At Show Pony Graphics we believe that we can find a way for most businesses to continue running. During this uneasy time, we are going to do our best to limit the impact this will have on our local businesses in the Macedon Ranges, by helping to improve your digital presence.

If your business sells a product or service in-store it is likely that you can convert this to an online store. We can quickly set up an online store for you so that you can continue trading without the physical location.

Increasing the presence of your equine website


It’s now more important than ever that your business has a digital presence, most importantly, a website. If your physical store has to be closed, do you have a way to get income? Selling your products online should at least help you stay afloat.

Think of your website as your hub in the absence of a physical location. This is the place that people will go to first. They may never have heard of you, may have heard about you from a friend, or maybe a regular in-store customer. With a website, you have the opportunity to continue trading. Furthermore, if a potential customer hears about you or sees you on social media, they will most likely try to find you on a search engine and expect to find a website. It adds credibility to your business.

If you already have a website does it allow for online orders? Adding an e-commerce store to your website could encourage sales.

Shipping and delivery

Once your online store is set up there are a few options to get your products to your customers.

Freight companies (Send your products)


Easyship compares couriers to give you the best price available on shipping, It’s especially handy for shipping overseas. It also easily plugs into Woocommerce. Find out more here.



digital presenceSendle is its own shipping service with their own satchels. Their prices start at $6.95 for a 500gm Satchel. Find out more here.



Australia Post is still running. Consider using satchels where possible. Using these means the shipping rates don’t change no matter where you send to in Australia. If you are posting a lot of packages Australia Post do give you discounts based on how much you are shipping via your online account.


Click and collect  

If the majority of your business is local, why not offer free click and collect? Customers can order and pay online then come to your store to collect them. Remember to set up a social distancing form of collection.

Local deliveries

If you have had to reduce your workers hours, a local delivery service of your products could be a great way to keep your employees busy. Simply leave the package on your customers’ porch to limit any human contact.


If you are going to stay operational during this time, let everyone know!

Social media – Post regular updates to your social media pages. Let your customers know if your physical shop is closing and if you’re selling online. Consider running dyamic adds on Facebook to promote your product categories. These link directly to your online store.

Promotions – If you decide to start an online store consider running a promotion to stimulate initial traffic. Example offers;  free local delivery, 10% off online orders, share and win social media campaign.

EDM’s – If you have a database of your customers’ contact details send them email updates on the status of your new digital presence and business status.

Example Business Solutions

Business Closure Solution
Winery Cellar door closed / restaurant Online store to sell wine by the case


Local Farmshop Physical store Set up local delivery of honey/ eggs etc
Gym Gyms closed nationwide Online training through the website

Small personal training sessions/boot camps outside

Florist Shop closed Online ordering


Cafe In dining banned Take delivery orders online

Online menu

Clothing Boutique Shop closed Sell clothes online

Regularly update the range of clothes

Bike /outdoor store and servicing Store closed Offer drop of services so there is no contact

Online store for products

If you are interested in a new website or if you need your current website updated, fill in the form below and we will create a personalised quote for you.

We understand that this is a tough time and finding the money to increase your digital presence may not be feasible. We want to help you to stay afloat so for the first time we are offering payment plans. If you are interested in our payment plans contact us here.