This means your hosting account has exceeded its allocated bandwidth usage.

  • Bandwidth is measured monthly.
  • At the end of the month when the bandwidth resets, this message will disappear.
  • If you cannot wait that long you can purchase additional bandwidth by contacting which will remove the message until the bandwidth reaches its limit.

What is bandwidth?

Bandwidth refers to the amount of data that website visitors can download / view from a website. So the more complex and graphically intensive websites use more bandwidth as the files / images are larger. The more visitors you have to your website uses more bandwidth as they are viewing more data on the pages.


Checking / using webmail uses bandwidth. To reduce bandwidth usage, try setting up your email account in a desktop program such as outlook or thunderbird, and use webmail only when you are away from the computer.

Email Usage

Sending / Receiving emails uses bandwidth. So when you send and receive large attachments, this is using bandwidth. One way to reduce email bandwidth usage is to set your outgoing mail server in your email program to your isp. This means you will use the isp’s bandwidth, not your hosting account.

Website Images

Ensure your website images are kept as small as possible. When a website visitor views any content on your website, this contributes to bandwidth usage. Keeping images small will help maintain your bandwidth.