It’s very important to keep regular back-ups of your website. Although we have multiple back-ups of the hosting severs and take extensive measures to ensure the integrity of your files, rare failures can happen. This tool offers an easy way to back up your website for peace of mind.

Occurances that can affect your website include, natural disasters, hackers, hardware failure, and also human error which includes accidentally deleting files, etc.

Note. A charge may apply to get a back-up of your website directly from the server. Back-ups are automatically over-written so if you request a backup weeks after an occurrence, back-up retrieval may not be possible.

This makes it even more important to regularly back up your website yourself.

Back up your files

  1. Login to your hosting control panel.
  2. Under the Files heading click on back up wizard.
  3. Under the back up section click on ‘back up’
  4. Full Back up. You can only use this keep a local copy of your files. You cannot restore full backups through your control panel.
  5. Partial Back up. Back up each or selected parts of your website. If you use Ecommerce or the cms, make sure you back up the database. You can restore these backups through the control panel.